[Video] OnePlus joins the bend testing trend, And it’s pretty cool


The OnePlus One has been one the most talked about Android phones of 2014. Not only it is an awesome device but getting it proved to be a daunting task for most of its seekers. Out of the latest Android phones, the OnePlus One has been my daily driver since I got it. Now let’s get back to what we’re here to discuss.

The OnePlus One is tough son of a gun in terms of material used to build it. You can hardly scratch the back cover-at least for me. Following the bend testing trend, OnePlus wanted to show us how they conduct their quality test including a ‘butt’ quality test similar to the one Samsung did. In addition, they did a drop test, tumble test, impact test, USB stress test, ports durability test, weather test and a heat test. So yeah, it is pretty cool.¬†You should definitely check it out.

The iPhone 6 ain’t got nothing on this baby.