Video: Is that Android 2.2 running on the HP TouchPad?

The news of the week is that HP are getting rid of their Touchpad inventory. They’re trying to get rid of it so much that they’ve discounted the 16GB model to $99 from $399 and the 32GB model to $150 from $499. As expected, these things are flying off the shelves. While many are buying the tablet because of WebOS, a lot of Android enthusiasts are buying the tablet with the hopes of it being able to successfully run Android in the future.

There is already a project underway from Team TouchDroid to get Android ported over to the TouchPad. The team of developers are confident that they will get Android successfully ported over the TouchPad. While we wait for Team TouchDroid to port Android over to the TouchPad, some new info regarding Android running on the TouchPad has surfaced.

Android 2.2 on the TouchPad

The first video comes from a Youtube user who claims that his co-worker received an HP TouchPad preloaded with Android 2.2. These guys have no idea how Android 2.2 got loaded onto the TouchPad and are looking for answers. When the TouchPad boots, you see the QuiC logo, which stands for Qualcomm Innovation Center. So, did Qualcomm put Android 2.2 on this TouchPad? Nobody knows. What do you guys think? Real or fake?

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Android 2.3 and 3.0 coming to the TouchPad this week?

The second Android-on-the-TouchPad story comes from a Youtube user who claims that he will have Android 2.3 running on his TouchPad soon, and will post video instructions on how to do it on August 24. In addition, the Youtube user also claims to post instructions on how to run Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) on August 26. Is this user legit? We have no idea. There’s a 50/50 chance. Either it’s true, and we shall see on August 24 and 26, or it’s fake, and we’ve all been trolled.

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I guess with time, we’ll see if the TouchPad becomes the cheapest dual-core Android tablet. For now, all that we can really do is just wait and see what happens. I know that there are Team TouchDroid aren’t the only ones working on getting Android running on the TouchPad. The Android development community is huge and I’m sure that there are many developers who are hard at work to make this a reality.

Until then, we wait.

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  • TOHC

    Just got notification of my TouchPad being shipped!!
    Was one of the lucky ones that got it for $149 while they were still available on TigerDirect… Cant wait to see if they actually are able to get Android running on the TouchPad!!!

    • Congratulations..I got lucky on Sunday at my local Staples. Can’t wait for Android as well! ~Zack


    I just bought 3, I’m zoo lucky I found a site that still has more in stock! Please port honeycomb devs… I will pay!

  • Lionel Y.

    getting mine today, bought it on amazon, on sunday

  • Webosisking

    you guys are dumb if you do this. webos is far superior to android. if you use webos for 1 week, you wont even think about putting android on it.

    • J. Williams

      I agree. Why would a person want android on here? What a waste, and it is a sad thing if you mess up your touchpad with android. 2.3 is garbage, and 3.2 is not stable. Warning to the people that are gonna put android on the touchpad, pass on it. 

  • Rodriguezintexas

    So mad.  Bought four 16G from Barnes and Noble for me and my kids.  Got confirmation.  Later, had the chance to buy 32G from CDW for myself and my dad and figured I’d just sell the extra 16G for what I paid for it.  Got a confirmation from CDW but then got an email from Barnes and Noble that my order was cancelled and then it was too late to buy more from CDW.  Bought three 16G from Erwin last night to replace those I bought from B&N for my kids.  Received confirmation and then got and email from CDW that my order was cancelled and it was too late to buy more from Erwin.  Looks like I at least got one for my kids, though.  This firestorm is very frustrating and even more irritating that people are buying so many out from under the rest of us and selling them for double on Craigslist, Ebay and Amazon. Grrrr…

    • Rodriguezintexas

      Just checked the status at Erwin.  There are no updates posted.  Hope I don’t lose those, too.

  • Nacoloco

    The first video on this article… Android is running from an SD card, it’s so apparent! 2nd video, who knows if this guy can actually do it.

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