Version of Android after Ice Cream Sandwich will be called ‘Jelly Bean’

How about some new rumors to start the weekend? Sounds good? I hope so, because this one is sweet, Jelly Beans sweet.

According to the guys over at This Is My Next, the next version of Android after the soon-to-be-released Ice Cream Sandwich will be called “Jelly Bean”. This, of course, has yet to be confirmed by Google, and I don’t think they will make it official anytime soon if it’s true (we’re still waiting for Ice Cream Sandwich). In case you don’t know, Google names its versions of Android after sweet treats. So far, we’ve had Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, and the upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich.

In addition, sources also told TIMN that the game-changing things that were going to be included in Ice Cream Sandwich are now going to be pushed back to Jelly Bean. As you all know, Ice Cream Sandwich is going to combine Gingerbread and Honeycomb to create a unified Android OS that could be used on both tablets and phones.

We don’t know exactly when Ice Cream Sandwich will be available for us to enjoy except that it will be available either in October or November. Those two speculative months were revealed by Google’ Eric Schmidt earlier this week during a Salesforce conference.

When it comes to phones running Ice Cream Sandwich, the only thing that we know at the moment is that Samsung is in the process of making an Ice Cream Sandwich-powered phone. That phone could end up being called the Droid Prime, Nexus Prime, or Galaxy Nexus.

For all of you who were hoping for the next version of Android after Ice Cream Sandwich to be called Jello or Jam, there’s still hope. After all, this hasn’t been confirmed and we should all treat this as a massive rumor.

via This Is My Next