Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S III bootloader has been conquered

If you were contemplating getting the developer edition of the Galaxy S III for Verizon, stop now! The good people of XDA have done it once again. A gentelman going under user named AdamOutler was able to come up with a way to unlock the bootloader of the Verizon GS3. The fix involves a file made for MAC and Linux to root the handset with getting access to an unsecure bootloader. Here are the instructions, as posted over at XDA:

  1. Download
  2. Open this file
  3. Select Root with DebugFSRoot and Do It
  4. Select Flash Unsecure Aboot and Do It
  5. Use Odin or CWM to flash kernels to your device

There is one catch folks, AdamOutler advises those of you who are planning to use this method to not accept any updates from Samsung or Verizon. If you do, you will risk bricking your device. For more info hit the source link below. Remember that you will be doing this at own risk and that DroidMatters will not be held responsible for any damages that you may cause to your device.

Don’t forget to “thank” the devs–and not Verizon!

via XDA