Verizon to exclusively offer the Samsung DROID Prime this October?

According to BGR, Verizon Wireless knew what they were doing when they decided to pass on the Galaxy S II last week. Big Red had its own “strategic reasons” about it and said that “Verizon doesn’t think the Samsung GALAXY S II will be competitive with the iPhone 5 when it launches.” Instead of launching the Galaxy S II, Verizon opted for a new Samsung Droid phone.

This new Samsung phone will be called the DROID Prime. We’re not sure if it will indeed be a Nexus device at this point. BGR’s tipster claims that the Droid Prime will run on Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) and its model number will be SCH-i515, which looks like it will be an upgraded DROID Charge (SCH-i510).

The DROID Prime is rumored for an October release, which is almost a month from now. The big question is: Will this new flagship Android phone be the new Galaxy S II LTE? We’ll hopefully know comes September 1.

via BGR