Verizon to end grandfathered unlimited data plans for customers upgrading to 4G LTE devices

If you’re one of the many people who have been riding the unlimited data train on Verizon’s network, the ride might be coming to an end for some of you. Soon, Verizon Wireless will no longer be allowing customers grandfathered into an unlimited data plan to keep their plan when they upgrade to a 4G LTE smartphone. The big change is going to be taking place sometime mid-summer when Verizon Wireless launches its tiered data share plans.

During an investors conference this morning, Executive Vice President and CFO Fran Shammo announced the news when he said the following:

“LTE is our anchor point for data share, so as you come through an upgrade cycle and you upgrade in the future, you will have to go onto the data share plan, moving away from the unlimited world…So when you think about our 3G base ā€” a lot of our 3G base is unlimited ā€” as they start to migrate into 4G, they will have to come off of unlimited and go into the data share plan, and that’s beneficial for us for many reasons, obviously.”

When Verizon announced that they were moving away from unlimited data plans to tiered data plans, many believed that despite Verizon saying that existing customers would be grandfathered into the unlimited plan, at one point or another they were going to find a way to get as many people off unlimited plans and into tiered plans.

Since the details of the plan haven’t been released, there are still some unanswered questions. What happens to those with unlimited data plans that already upgraded to a 4G device? Will they also be forced to give up unlimited data? What about those who decide to buy their phone outright without upgrading?

Mid-summer isn’t far away, and I’m sure that we’ll be finding out more about this soon.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Verizon’s decision to kill these unlimited grandfathered plans had anything to do with people like these two.

Let us know what you think about this move from Verizon by leaving a comment below. To watch the full conference video, hit the source link below. Shammo talks about the demise of unlimited data at the 10:30 mark.

Source: Verizon Wireless | via The Verge

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  • Dudesalty

    sucks ass

  • Fnksnkfn

    Thats lame they tell us we are grandfathered in and then they plan to drop it. Sounds like verizon…

  • Earthtraveler55

    If Verizon ends my Unlimited Data, then Verizon will lose me as a customer also.

  • Grayson6121

    I have unlimited data and streamed just 2 movies and used roughly 1.4GB. If i rent one more movie and stream it, I would be over the proverbial 2GB cap Verizon has set for current users that have not been grandfathered in. I know that if i wasn’t grandfathered in, I wouldn’t be willing to buy another block of data to accomodate my next movie rental, because i am not willing to spend that kind of money just for the sake of watching a movie. That being said, i wonder what all these industries such as Netflix will have to say about this, when the product they are selling is data intensive? I know for a fact as a consumer my willingness to buy their product will be truncated in light of this transition if and when it takes place, and i am sure a lot of other consumers will forced to limit their business as well. On another note, i have already upgraded to 4G LTE and i have unlimited even with that. What are they going to do, just take it away without cause? Yes, I use data but I do not abuse it by any means. Also, these data intensive apps that are preinstalled and cannot be removed from your Verizon phone in my case i would deem as useless clutter just taking up needless space. Talk about a raw backhanded deal being shoved down our throats from VZW. Nothing but pure greed…. Greed that is not only going to hurt the consumer, but also the businesses such as Netflix that consumers do business with.

  • Psikik55

    Verizon already doesn’t like me both for the plans I have and that my contracts are up. Will they like me better as an apple customer?

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