Verizon set to announce their own Android appstore called Verizon Apps

The Android market is about to get some competition from Verizon. Yup, that’s right. Verizon is getting ready to introduce their Android app store. The news was announced today by CNN.

The app store, which will be called Verizon Apps will coexist with Google’s Android Market and will come pre-installed on all Android phones offered by Verizon. No information was provided on the app being pushed out to current phones, but you can bet your hats off that that will happen at some point in the future.

Verizon will be introducing their new Verizon Apps store at its Las Vegas conference for developers today. Verizon hopes to attract developers for its new Android app store by guaranteeing promotion for their products.

So, what do you guys think about another Android app store? At the moment, I’m content with the two major players, Google’s Android Market and Amazon’s Appstore.

Thanks, Joseph!

Source: CNN