Verizon Galaxy S III to soon receive update that simplifies search

It looks like Verizon Wireless will soon be following footsteps of both AT&T and Sprint in updating the Galaxy S III’s search feature. As you probably know by now, Samsung is removing the ability to search the entire phone from the search bar on the Galaxy S III in order to avoid being taken to court by Apple. Apparantly, Apple is the only company in the world that is allowed to have such a feature.

Although they haven’t begun updating the device yet, if you take your Galaxy S III to a Verizon store for some issue and need to have it replaced, chances are that you will be receiving a unit which as been updated. The updated software dumbs down the search feature and also introduces a new kernel.

There’s no telling when Verizon Wireless will start rolling out this update. What’s sure is that it’s there and it exists. It’s just now a matter of when.

via DL