Upgrade your Amazon Cloud Drive storage to 20GB for only $0.69

If you woke up to great news like me this morning, you probably know by now that Amazon has launched two new services today; Cloud Drive and Cloud Player. Cloud Drive allows you to securely store your data on the cloud and Cloud Player allows you to stream your music from the cloud to your Android device or from any web browser.

To get you started Amazon is giving each account 5GB of storage. While 5GB might be enough for some people, it is a small amount to many. At the moment, Amazon has a promotion where if you buy an MP3 album, your Cloud Drive storage is automatically upgraded to 20GB for the remainder of the year. While you can go ahead and buy an album that you will actually listen to and enjoy for $5 to $10, you can also go ahead and buy an album for as low as $0.69.

Buying one of these “cheap” albums is good enough to get your Cloud Drive storage increased to 20GB. So if you don’t mind buying an album that you’re probably not going to listen to and are looking for a way to get more storage without spending a lot of money, go ahead and buy a cheap album.

As soon as you make the purchase, your Cloud Storage account will automatically be upgraded to 20GB. Keep in mind that this promotion is only valid until the end of the year; you will be downgraded back to the 5GB plan when the promotion expires at the end of the year, unless you configure your account to renew your subscription at the 20GB plan.

So what are you waiting for?

Upgrade your Amazon Cloud Drive storage to 20GB by purchasing one of these “cheap” albums.

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