TYLT makes the VÜ wireless charging car mount and VÜ SOLO pad official

TYLT-Vu-Car-Both Angles

TYLT , the maker of fine mobile accessories, announced today the release of 2 interesting products. Meet the TYLT VÜ wireless charging car mount and the VÜ SOLO wireless charger. Both will be available sometimes in Q4 2014 and will be priced $79.99 and $39.99 respectively.

The VÜ wireless car mount is basically a stand with a suction cup that you can stick to your windshield or dashboard. But it isn’t like any other car mount. It uses QI technology to charge compatible phones  like the Nexus 5 and the upcoming Nexus 6. It has spring loaded arms which extend up to 5.7 inches – the Nexus 6 fits by the way. There is a quick release button in the back of the mount which allows for a quick release of your device. Finally, the mount rotates 180 degrees which means that you can position your handset in landscape and horizontal views.

The VÜ Wireless car mount is a great way to have a wire-free charging experience in your car. The price tag of $80 seems a bit high but if you’re familiar with TYLT products, you know you’re getting a well-made product.


The other product announced by TYLT is the VÜ SOLO which is a Qi charging pad that you can set on your desktop. It packs a single charging coil, offers 1 Amp charge and 5 watts of power for your charging needs. What sets this charger apart from the rest is that it has a ledge (patent-pending) which shows you where to sit your phone (on top of the coil). ” The SOLO features an anti-slip silicone surface, 5 foot charging cable, built-in ventilation, and a micro-gel suction base.”

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TYLT VÜ car mount | VÜ SOLO

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