Think the Nexus 9 is too expensive? Get a NVIDIA SHIELD tablet for $100 less

SHIELD_Tablet_Front_Flat (1)

In the same lines as our previous article, we want to show you options, if you think the Nexus 9 costs more than what you’d like to spend for an Android tablet. Have you guys ever heard about the NVIDIA SHIELD tablet?


The SHIELD tablet is made by NVIDIA which happens to also be the company that made the Tegra K1 processor that is powering the Nexus 9. In terms of specs the SHIELD and N9 are very similar except for  that the latter has a slightly better display and Android Lollipop while the former has a microSD slot and stylus. Perhaps the most important aspect in this comparison is pricing. The NVIDIA tablet (32GB) is $299 while the Google one starts at $399 for the 16GB model.

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We get it. The Nexus 9 will get updates directly from Google faster than any other Android tablet. Let’s not count out the SHIELD tablet because it offers a near-stock Android experience. It is also capable of streaming PC games from the cloud and more. For more info, hit the links below.