Texas Instruments OMAP4 first platform to get Netflix certified

Texas Instruments announced today that their OMAP4 platform will receive the first Netflix HD certification for a mobile device. This is great news for for future Android phones such as the Motorola Droid 3 which is confirmed to sport the TI OMAP 4430.

Thanks to the OMAP4’s M-Shield technology, TI’s was able to meet the tight security measures and requirements for mobile content for the Netflix HD application. Android smartphones equipped with an OMAP4 processor will have the ability to stream full 1080p HD content while running other apps.

So far the only Android phone we know that will come with a TI processor is the Droid 3 and we sure hope that Motorola hooks ups the Bionic with some OMAP goodness!
Anyone reconsidering the Droid 3 now that it will be Netflix-capable?

via Engadget