Temple Run, the popular running game on iOS, is coming to Android next month


Temple Run, the popular iOS is finally making its way to Android. Imangi Studios, the makers of the popular game announced via Facebook that the number game in iTunes was going to be available on Android in February. To get us all excited, they posted a picture of the game running on a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy phone.

Although the game was initial sold for $0.99 in Apple’s App Store, it has since gone to a free model, with the developers earning all money through in-app purchases. Seeing how Android users like things free of charge, you can expect this game to land as a free download once it hits the Android Market.

If you haven’t heard of Temple Run, you should take a look at the video below. Temple Run is a running game, and your objective is to escape the Temple. You know that running scene in all of the Indiana Jones movies where he has to run for his life, this game is it.

Mobile viewing link

Source: Imangi Studios (Facebook) via The Verge