Tap Tap Revenge 4 now available for Android

Tap Tap Revenge 4, one of the most popular games on iOS has finally launched for Android. One can only describe Tap Tap Revenge as the Guitar Hero or Rock Band for mobile devices. Instead of playing an instrument like on Rock Band, you tap your fingers to the beat of real songs.

Tap Tap Revenge features hits from many of today’s most popular artists and includes 3D graphics, global leader boards, chat, avatars, contests and more. It is currently free in the Android Market.

The reason this app took a long time to be ported over to Android is because the Android platform was missing the ability for purchases to be completed within apps, also know as in-app billing. Now that Google has launched in-app billing for Android, you should expect to see more developers porting apps to Android, and even current developers making use of the new feature.

Tap Tap Revenge 4 is free to download in the Android Market. But if you want to tap-it-out to your favorite tune, you might have to open up your wallet to purchase that track.

Head on over to the Android Market and download Tap Tap Revenge 4.

Tap Tap Revenge is now on Android!

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