T-Mobile’s Unlocked Moto X (2013) Android 4.4.4 update is live


It is  finally that Android 4.4.4 time for you T-Mobile Moto X owners. Although you’re late to the party, it is good to know that Motorola kept you in their mind while all the other variants have already been updated. This update comes in the form on an Over-The-Air update and is now being rolled out to the masses.

Motorola did not share the full changelog of this new update but we think it will be similar to the updates other phones have gotten. Along with the Android 4.4.4, there will be improvements to the camera, updated phone dialer, Motorola Alert Application enabling and other bug fixes.

If you have not been prompted to update your phone, you can head to you Settings menu and try to force it.

via Reddit