T-Mobile’s Speed Challenge offers you $1,000 if your iPhone is faster than the Galaxy S 4G

If you’re in the Seattle area, T-Mobile wants to challenge you and your iPhone to a speed test. They’re so confident on the speeds of their HSPA+ network that they will give you $1,000 if your iPhone (Verizon or AT&T) is faster than the Samsung Galaxy S 4G. If your iPhone can beat the Galaxy S 4G in two out of 3 speed tests, they will hand you $1,000. For a list of locations that are participating in this epic battle, check out the flyer.

So if you’re in the Seattle area and would like a chance to win $1,000 take your old, unused iPhone (because we know you’re rocking an Android phone by now), and try hard to beat the Galaxy S 4G.

Source: T-Mobile Blog, via AndroidCentral