T-Mobile introduces new daily and monthly plans

If you like options when it comes to contract-free plans, then you should take a look at what T-Mobile has to offer. In addition to their existing Monthly 4G plans, T-Mobile has introduced a number of new daily plans, and a new monthly plan. The new $60 monthly plan gives you unlimited talk, text, and data, with the first 2GB of data accessible at fast 4G speeds (the rest at super-slow 2G speeds).

If you’re not the type who likes monthly plans, T-Mobile has also announced 3 new Pay by the Day plans, which allows you to pay only for the days that you use your phones. The new daily plans are:

  • $3 per day for unlimited talk, text, and data with the first $200MB at 4G speeds
  • $2 per day for unlimited talk, text, and data at 2G speeds
  • $1 per day for unlimited text, and $0.10 per minute talk

In addition to these new monthly and daily plans, don’t forget that there is now a new $30 monthly plan that is currently available online at T-Mobile.com and at Walmart locations. The new $30 plan offers 100 minutes of talk time with unlimited text and data (with the first 5GB of data offered at 4G speeds).

To get started on with these new plans, head over to T-Mobile.com to get started.

via T-Mobile Newsroom