StyleSwap covers for the OnePlus One canceled due to production issues


OnePlus, as you probably know, is the startup Chinese company behind the ‘flagship killer’ phone aka the OnePlus One. I personally love the phone and have had it as my daily driver for a little while (read my review). When the phone was announced, we were promised custom covers called StyleSwap covers.

A first batch of Bamboo covers has already made its way to some lucky OnePlus One owners. Unfortunately, due to failed quality testing, the Chinese company decided to pull the plug on making them for good. They mentioned that they have limited quantities of the Bamboo covers which they plan on selling soon. They also said that they’ll be ‘┬áreleasing limited edition Ones which come with a Kevlar or Denim cover out of the box.’

Furthermore, OnePlus confirmed that they’ll make sure they won’t have issues with the StyleSwap covers in the upcoming OnePlus 2. All I want to say is: Forget the invite system please….

via OnePlus Forums