Stream Netflix on your Android devices with this modified APK (updated)

Update: This modified APK no longer works. Try sideloading the official Netflix apk file that’s currently available for supported devices in the Android Market.

If you’re not comfortable with modifying some system files to try to enable Netflix on your device, don’t fear. There’s still a chance for Netflix to run on your device. This method is even easier because it doesn’t involve any file editing. All that you have to do is install a modified version Netflix and give it a shot. This modified version disables device checking, which should allow the app to run on the unsupported devices.

We can’t guarantee that this will work, so just give it a shot and report. I was able to get it working fine on my rooted Droid X which runs on Android 2.2. People have reported it to work on non-rooted phones, so it’s worth a shot.

Simply download and install Netflix-devicecheck-disabled.apk. If you get force closes or it doesn’t stream, uninstall Netflix and try installing this second modified version of Netflix, netflix-mod-2.apk

Stream Netflix on non-supported devices

1. Download: Netflix-devicecheck-disabled.apk – Try this version first. If it doesn’t work, uninstall and try the second version below.

2. Download: netflix-mod-2.apk – If this version doesn’t work either, you’re out of luck, for now.

Let us know if any of the above files worked for you.

via XDA Developers Forums

Jonathan converted to the Android platform from Blackberry with the original Motorola Droid. He currently has a Samsung Galaxy Nexus complete with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on Verizon Wireless, a Motorola Xoom, and a Kindle Fire. Besides keeping up with Android news, he enjoys spending time with his family, gaming, reading, and computers. Google+

  • Steve V.

    Yeahh sorry these two don’t work for my DroidX GB 2.3 .588 build! Damn you netflix for only choosing the most retarded phones to support it >:/

    • J.

      Agreed, I am stuck on GB .588. Long story, But neither of these work for me on my DroidX.

      • mountainman

        Hey there guys….the first app…the devicecheck disabled one worked PERFECT on my Droid X. I have watched several movies already and it’s flawless.

        • N.

          Neither work on the X. It keeps saying update available, must download to run. Then you click the button just to find it saying request could not be found.

  • Android Newbie question: what do I do with the file. I loaded this page in my default Android browser, clicked on it. loked like there was some type of in-browser progress bar that went from 0% – 100% but nothing happened after that. I do not see anything in the Apps area.

  • @ncmacasl, go to the notification bar and click on the downloaded file. It should prompt you to install it. You have to make sure that your phone is configured to install non-market applications. To do so, go to settings > applications > and check the “unknown sources” box.

  • John

    The first version (device check disabled) works flawlessly on my rooted Droid X! At least, the first attempt is running perfectly smooth. Awesome!

  • J.

    Thanks for the workaround, even though my phone is being finicky, I can get to a video, but it just shows black. It would do that without the modified apk.

  • Nate Sheets

    No go for the Samsung Galaxy Tablet, I’m afraid.

  • Jay

    Awesome! Streams just fine on my rooted DroidX Froyo 2.2.1. I used the device check disabled apk. F-you Netflix for not doing this in the first place.


  • Danny

    Works on unrEVOked Evo 2.2!!! I used download option one: devicecheck-disabled. Woohooo!!!

  • Randy

    Installed the 1st one on stock Droid X, Froyo watching Farscape right now. Thanks!

  • Larry

    1st one crashes upon attempt to login on rooted Samsung Galaxy S Captivate, 2nd on starts and allows login but gets an error message when attempting to load movie saying

    “Sorry we could not reach Netflix service. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please visit (1005)”

  • 1ST didn’t work for the epic running 2.2.1, however the 2nd would run until trying to run video then error out to 1005 or something. It’s the closest I’ve seen it come to working thus far…..excellent attempt! I have no doubt it will be soon

  • mike

    Loaded the first one on my rooted Motorola atrix with side load wonder machine and works fine, i am getting a green line going through the bottom of the screen though.

  • sector20

    Works great on my LG Optimus M running 2.2.1 although there is a faint green line running at the top of the screen while viewing videos. Woohooo!!! THANK YOU!

  • fireman_

    y’all ROCK! running with no problems on a Droid X with 2.2.1.


  • Batwings21

    Excellent, the first one works great on my rooted Motorola Droid 0g running 2.2.1

  • dillon

    AMAZING THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • blasted menace

    Works great on my droidx 2.2!! With the device check disabled.

  • wasabi peanut

    Awesome! You guys are awesome! I’ve been wanting this for so long. Runs perfectly on my Droid X 2.2.1!

  • julie

    Works on my droid x. My only question is whether there is a way to make the videos full screen or not?

  • tksuther

    Droid X Froyo – stock phone. Works perfect!

  • Craig

    Just installed on Droid X Version 2.2.1 and works great
    thanks to who ever. I been waiting on this for some time.

  • Jesse

    Droid x stock, works great! Only question, can I output it to my tv somehow? I have the cable but theres no hdmi button in the top left hand corner when I play a video

  • The first one worked fine on my brand new stock Droid X2.

  • Larry

    Option 1 worked perfectly on Droid X running Froyo 2.2.1!

  • mytouch4owner

    Neither one of thm worked on mytouch4

  • Dan

    You guys are awesome!! First link works flawlessly on my Droidx version 2.2.1.

  • Matt

    Neither work on a Cliq running Gingerbread.

  • G-ROD

    I have a DX and the Netflix-devicecheck-disabled.apk worked great and my phone is not running gingerbread

  • Tasha

    Just stopped working on my droidx, it is asking for a newer version with a dead link. If your fast you can get it to play.



  • Same here; needs upgrade and then taken to a dead link :/


    Thank you Jonathan! Take his advise. Works like a charm!!

  • Wjb

    Tried both versions and neither worked on my Xoom 3.1.  I was able to log into my Netflix account, and it looked like it was going to work.  I immediately received a message that there was a new version available.  I chose “OK”, but then it could not find it because Netflix does not show up for Xoom.  I then tried to log in to Netflix and when the upgrade message showed uo, I chose “No”.  When I tired to play one of my movies that was in the Instant queue, I received an error message: ” Sorry we could not reach the Netflix service.  Please try again later.  If the problems persists please visit (1005)”.  Bottomline is:  Maybe if the fix was used for the new Netflix app, it might work.  So close!!!!!

  • Augie

    Hi I have a droid2 running froyo 2.2 I upgraded to gingerbread and netflix worked but I had to have wifi tethering. I since went back to stock and now can’t get netflix. I know it works on my device with gingerbread. How is the build.props different from each other that is from froyo and gingerbread. My be the clue is there.

  • Norman Nick

    Thanks for the article Jonathan. Netflix appis great on Android. If live outside USA, you can use tools like UnoTelly to get Netflix on your Android.

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