SquareTrade destroys a Galaxy S III and iPhone 4S in its latest drop test video

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Folks, please don’t try this at home. Yes, your brand new Samsung Galaxy S III might have Corning’s Gorilla Glass 2 on it, but that doesn’t mean that you go ahead and start testing its strength by dropping it all over the place. The guys over at SquareTrade went ahead and did just that, they drop tested the Galaxy S III (against the iPhone 4S) in a number of scenarios.

Despite the Corning Gorilla Glass 2, the Galaxy S III still suffered some damages when dropped from ear height, thrown up in the air by some annoying kids, and also after falling off the trunk of a car.

As always, the best way to protect your Galaxy S III (and other electronic device) is to be careful with it. Unless it’s a certified rugged device, it’s most-likely going to be damaged. Check out the video below and keep your phone safe!