Sprint-branded Motorola Xoom surfaces

Motorola is really serious about getting their flagship Android 3.0 tablet, the Xoom, in as many markets as possible. It looks like Sprint might be the next carrier to release get the Motorola Xoom. The Xoom launched on Verizon’s network on February 24. On March 27, the WiFi-only version is scheduled to launch in many stores. There have also been reports of the Xoom being offered on AT&T later on this year.

This Sprint branded Xoom looks more real now that this image has leaked. We assume that this Sprint model will be the same as the Verizon model, but at the moment, nobody knows if it will support Sprint’s WiMax network at launch or if an upgrade will be necessary like on the Verizon network.

The Sprint Xoom could be announced as early as next week during CTIA 2011.

via Sprint Users