Sony Internet TV devices begin getting Google TV 2.0 update

Just as promised, Google has started pushing the Google TV 2.0 update to Sony Internet TV boxes and actual TVs. The new Android 3.1 update for Google TV brings a number of new features and enhancements, the biggest being the ability to download apps from the Android Market.

Unfortunately, this update is only for Sony Internet TV devices. Owners of the popular Logitech Revue will have to wait a little bit longer before the update becomes available to them. No specific date for the update on the Revue was mentioned, but judging by the the new retail boxes that are being shipped out to stores, an update is not far away.

If you’re a Sony Internet TV user and have received the update, let us know how you’re liking the new and improved Google TV 2.0 with Honeycomb by leaving a comment below.

via Android Central

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  • Johnson

    I’m still waiting for my update on my gTV SONY BLURAY

  • Kristina440

    Still waiting for my update on my sony google tv :/ 

  • jesse west

    I got mine like two or three days ago and i love it. Still not perfect by any means but i’ve been trying old apps/apk’s on it and some work great, some work with miner glitches and well some just don’t work. But when developers start updating there apps to work on Google tv it will be well worth the wait. Still i can not wait till next update even if i have to buy new hardware. once again will be worth it.

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