Some smartphones passed ITC review and are heading to carriers, says HTC

As you probably all know by now, U.S. Customs have blocked the import of HTC devices including the EVO 4G LTE and One X to the U.S. following their infringement of a patent owned by Apple. According to a report from Tapei Times, HTC claims that some of their products have made their way into the US after passing the customs’ review. Here is their statement:

“Some of our products have passed the review and have been delivered to our telecoms operators’ clients in the US.”

While HTC didn’t mention which devices have been cleared, we’re very happy to see that the customs’ review process is moving faster than expected. Here’s to hoping that you’ll get your EVO 4G LTE and One X handsets sometimes this week. We’ll keep you guys updated once we hear back from HTC.

Source Tapei News
via AC