Slices is OneLouder Apps latest take on Twitter, definitely worth checking out

OneLouder Apps, the makers TweetCaster and BaconReader, have launched a new Twitter client called Slices. Unlike the other Twitter app, Slices actually lets you make custom-made streams depending on your interests. It also allows you to browse and manage Twitter content using their 21 preloaded categories. Here are its main features:

  • Finding Follows – Slices is the only Twitter app with Explore. Explore is a directory of all of Twitter. With 21 browsable, searchable categories, finding people and lists to follow is astonishingly easy and fun.
  • Live Events – Only Slices has Live Event streams, finally making it easy to follow live events on Twitter. Each stream displays a feed of tweets from the “right” people for today’s events, like sports, TV shows, and other happenings.
  • Timeline Slicer – Another exclusive feature, the Timeline Slicer helps you organize your timeline into “Slices”. These are mini-feeds that you define, letting you read what you want, when you want it.
  • Bookmarks – Anyone who browses the web is familiar with the Bookmark concept. But Slices is the first Twitter app with bookmarks. Just like on a web browser, you can bookmark favorite Twitter accounts or lists for easy access.
  • Mobile-to-Web – Slices lives on your Android phone AND the Slices website. All your actions are automatically synchronized. No struggle to find where you left off, or notifications of messages/mentions that you have already seen.

Bookmarking your favorite Twitter accounts is also a feature that slices brings to the table. OneLouder Apps is in the process of launching a web interface of Slices which will be synchronized with the mobile app. Hit the download links below and let us know what you think.

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