Samsung’s 16GB Galaxy S4 comes with 45% of used storage out of the box


There you have it folks. As I stated in the title, the 16GB model of the Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with 45% of storage used out of the box. This means that you’d only get 55%–of course without inserting a microSD card. It is known that carriers along with phone manufacturers usually pack their phone with all kinds of bloat. Packing 45% of the total of available space is a bit too much.

If you have picked one up at your local AT&T or Sprint store, you can check your storage by going to your settings menu, clicking on the ‘More’ section then selecting Storage. My sprint Galaxy S4 review unit is showing 9.62GB which is 40% of the total space.

If you’re thinking about getting the Galaxy S4, make sure you have a microSD card ready. The phone can hold up to 64GB of additional memory.

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