Samsung’s 16GB Galaxy S4 comes with 45% of used storage out of the box


There you have it folks. As I stated in the title, the 16GB model of the Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with 45% of storage used out of the box. This means that you’d only get 55%–of course without inserting a microSD card. It is known that carriers along with phone manufacturers usually pack their phone with all kinds of bloat. Packing 45% of the total of available space is a bit too much.

If you have picked one up at your local AT&T or Sprint store, you can check your storage by going to your settings menu, clicking on the ‘More’ section then selecting Storage. My sprint Galaxy S4 review unit is showing 9.62GB which is 40% of the total space.

If you’re thinking about getting the Galaxy S4, make sure you have a microSD card ready. The phone can hold up to 64GB of additional memory.

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  • Jame

    Add a 16GB SD card for $14 and what have we? 24GB of free space.

    I never understood why people considered that anything more than a volume to store the OS and apps on. All my Galaxy phones I have tested throughout the years have always had my trusty 8GB card in it because without it, the phone is slow. You need a second volume for all of your pictures and music on.

    Phones with JUST internal volumes (iPhone, Nexus, etc) have always seemed to be better built to handle just that one volume. IE. it seemed to be faster and easier to interface with.

    A galaxy phone without the SD slot being used seems useless to me. You have one of the best data storage methods of all time available to you and you don’t even use it? Come on!

    My desktop: 256GB SSD with a 1TB disk
    My laptop: 120GB SSD with a 320GB disk
    My tablet: 8GB nexus 7 with an adapter to plug a flash drive in the bottom
    My (soon to be) phone: Galaxy S4 with minimal internal memory and a 32GB SD card.

    • hoggleboggle

      I think one of the problems is that as app sizes increase you very quickly fill that space and whilst it would be silly to use the onboard storage for anything but apps and OS related stuff, many apps still default to the internal memory to store their downloads etc.

      • Jame

        Yeah I know a person that tossed their perfectly good GS3 because they filled it up with apps. They were all “HELP ME ITS SLOW” and I was like “Why not uninstall all of those apps?”


        I hope the idiot is happy, they had to buy a $700 iPhone and the GS3 still works (in my pocket).

  • delete all the stupid software they put on it

    • The average Joe does not know or want to root their phones which is the only way to do so.

    • Have you bought an Android phone recently? Much of it is undeletable without rooting, something the vast majority of consumers are unwilling to do.

    • metool6

      hopefully flashing cyanogenmod for the s4 could help free up space whenever they release it


    Read this if you are buying a Samsung S4 on Tmobile today and porting from another carrier…. –


  • AndroidShiz

    “It is known that carriers along with phone manufacturers usually pack their phone with all kinds of bloat. Packing 45% of the total of available space is a bit too much.” Not sure why but when I read that I was completely in a belly role laugh. It’s funny but shocking and a bit sad as to how much bloat is on phones nowadays- unless you buy an iPhone or Nexus of course.

  • Anonymous

    out of the 9.62 GB Toal Space, you have 9.12 GB Available Space.
    So that is just a 10 GB internal memory showing up as a 9.62 GB with 9.12 available space, according to that image.

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