Samsung wins 3G patent lawsuit in Holland, Apple to pick up the bill

In case you missed it yesterday, a Ductch Judge has declared Apple infringing on a Samsung patent. This is one of the few times that the South Korean manufacturer has been given a break in its many legal battles against Apple. The judge ruled that the iPad (1st generation), iPad 2, iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4 are infringing on one of Samsung’s 3G patents which goes under number EP1188269. The patent in question is described as an “apparatus for encoding a transport format combination indicator for a communications system.”

The ruling results in Apple having to pay compensation to Samsung. And since, the patent in question is considered a FRAND patent, Samsung will not be able to force a sales ban on the Apple products listed above. Samsung has issued the following statement (translated):

Samsung welcomes the decision of the court in The Hague, which again confirms that Apple makes free use of our technological innovations. In accordance with this statement, we recover adequate damages that Apple and its products have caused. For decades, Samsung has invested heavily as a pioneer in the development of technological innovations for the control of advanced devices, including innovations that are widely adopted by other manufacturers of mobile devices. We continue to defend our innovations and protecting our intellectual property rights for Apple to stop free use of our technology.

via AllAboutPhones | TNW