Samsung to announce a new Galaxy device on August 15

Mark your calendars, folks. Samsung has something ‘major’ to announce on August 15. The North American team of the Samsung Mobile division has alerted members of the press of a “major announcement and unveiling of the newest Galaxy device” for Wednesday, August 15.

What exactly is Samsung planning on announcing that they would consider major? Two things come to mind: the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. The Galaxy Note 10.1 was introduced at Mobile World Congress back in February, but since then, we haven’t heard much about it. According to recent news, Samsung went back to the drawing board to outfit the device with a faster quad-core Exynos processor, something that many would appreciate.

The Galaxy Note 2 is a totally different beast. We all know that Samsung is working on a successor to their hybrid phone/tablet. The latest reports on the Galaxy Note 2 indicates that the phone will sport a quad-core processor with a larger 5.3-inch display. Despite the larger screen, the overall size of the phone should remain the same.

Since we’ve already been introduced to the Galaxy Note 10.1 back at Mobile World Congress, I would have to go with the Galaxy Note 2 as the device that will be announced next month.

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via The Verge