Samsung kiosks are up and running in some Best Buy stores


We can’t say we didn’t see coming folks. As a part of its meticulous master plan, Samsung announced back in April 5 that it will be setting up “Experience shops” in over 1400 Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile locations across the country. The idea behind this is to give the consumer the opportunity to ‘explore’ the Samsung line of products including smartphones, tablets and laptops.

While I was wandering around a BB Mobile store at my local mall, I saw this nice looking kiosk with a big Samsung sign on it. As you can see, there is the Note 8.0, Note 2, and a special spot for a special phone that is coming really soon. And that’s not all, HTC did have its own spot as well–They’re not going anywhere!

So which team are you with? Team Samsung or Team HTC? Drop a comment below and let us know.