Samsung takes a shot at Apple again, makes fun of Apple Geniuses


Samsung is at it again. Yesterday, they took a shot at Apple about phones with big sizes and how they changed their mind and launched the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. Today, the Korean company is poking at Apple’s geniuses. They released six videos via their YouTube channel in a section called “It Doesn’t Take a Genius.” Each one of the videos talks about the Note 4 and the Gear S and how awesome they’re compared to the iPhone 6. Samsung talks about the S Pen, fast charging, multitasking and some other things.

It really doesn’t take a genius (see what I did here) to know that this just the beginning of Samsung and Apple going at each other. My favorite one is when the 2 Apple Geniuses jump in happiness when they hear the announcement of the Nexus 6 Plus. What do you guys think?

Samsung YouTube Channel