Samsung sells 3 million Galaxy S II handsets in 55 days, breaks record

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has been following and awaiting the Samsung Galaxy S II here in the U.S.. The Samsung Galaxy S II has just sold over three million handsets in less than two months, or fifty five days to be exact, with an average of 55,545 devices per day.

According to Samsung, Europe has been behind this achievement. Let’s not forget that Samsung sold over a million SGS2 in its home country in a month only, which is a third of their total sales. It looks like Mr. J.S. Shin plans to sell over ten million units and beat the Galaxy S are looking promising as we come close to a Canadian release and hopefully our own release in the U.S..

I am starting to doubt that there will be any Galaxy S II release during this month mostly because of what’s going on with Apple. Do you guys think that the SGS2 will be outdated by the time it hits U.S. shelves?¬†Will you still be buying it?

via Electronista