Samsung pulls ahead of Apple, HTC, RIM in Q1 smartphone sales

IDC, one of the top market research companies out there, published a new report earlier this morning about the “top five worldwide smartphone vendors, shipments and market share” for Q1 2012. As expected, Samsung has beaten everyone and remains top smartphone vendor.

Samsung was able to ship 42.2 million units worldwide passing Apple which had 35.1 million phones in Q1. The South Korean company has showed a 267% increase year-over-year in phone shipments; they only shipped 11.5 million phones in 2011. HTC, on the other hand, showed a mere 6.9 million shipped smartphones in Q1. Let’s hope that their newly announced One X and One S devices will help them do better this year. Motorola and LG shipments were too low to even be mentioned in the report.

Although IDC’s report is based on estimates, it is certainly looking good for Samsung this year especially when knowing that their best has yet to come.

via IDC