Samsung Prime to replace the DROID Charge, HTC Vigor becoming Thunderbolt 2?

Yep, you read it right! According to this “quasi-official” Verizon document obtained by a Best Buy Mobile worker, two of the most anticipated Android devices on Verizon Wireless, the HTC Vigor and the Samsung Droid Prime, will both have name changes.

The HTC vigor will be the sequel for the Thunderbolt. Verizon’s first LTE device, which was released back in March with the model number ADR6400. And if you remember, the HTC Vigor has just passed its Bluetooth certification going under model number ADR6425. Both model numbers look very similar and it really makes sense that the Vigor will take the thunderbolt’s spot within Big Red’s inventory.

On the other hand, The Droid Prime as we expected, will be the Droid Charge’s sequel. We based our speculation using both model numbers from both devices: the SCH-i510 being the Droid Charge and the SCH-i515 being the “Sam Prime.” The same document claims that the Samsung Stratosphere, which is going to come with a full slide-out keyboard, is going to replace the Fascinate. This is what really made us think if this information is really accurate along with the spelling errors.

The HTC Vigor was rumored to be released on October 6 according to this document, while the Stratosphere was supposed to launch on 09/08 which didn’t happen. Finally, the Droid Prime is supposed to be the first Android device run on Ice Cream Sandwich but we have no idea when it’ll release. What do you guys think about this document? real or fake?

via Phandroid