Samsung Power Sharing cable goes on sale for $20, allows charging on-the-go


Samsung announced today a nice little accessory for your Galaxy S5 and other new devices. It is called the Power Sharing Cable. As its name states it allows folks who have a Galaxy S5. Galaxy Tab S and Gear Live to transfer power from one another. This means that you can charge your smartwatch/phone/tablet by simply plugging two of them using the cable.

In order for this whole thing to work, you will need to download the Power Sharing app which is available in the Play Store. This allows you to control the amount of power that you want transferred and set a limit on the amount of power to be left on the output device (it’ll automatically stops when reached).

power-sharing-1 power-sharing-2

The Power Sharing cable sells for $20 and can be purchased directly from We have the links below for you.

Power Sharing App | Power Sharing Cable

via Samsung