Samsung Galaxy S III with LTE, quad-core Exynos and 2GB of RAM heading to Korea on July 9

Those lucky Koreans! According to Samsung Tomorrow, the top three Korean carriers SKTelecom, LG U+ and KT will offer the Galaxy S III LTE on July 9. If you think that it will be the same model we have in the US, you were wrong. The Korean model will pack LTE-capable quad-core Exynos processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, 2100 mAh battery (same as the US variant), NFC, DMB TV tuner and Adnroid 4.0. We’re curious to see how well will the new Exynos CPU work with LTE and how that’ll will impact battery life. Is anyone interested on importing one of these bad boys?

via Samsung tomorrow

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  • laurentmallet

    You’re WRONG!!!!
    Exynos family:
    – 4210: gen 4 – Cortex A9 |2 cores| 10 minor version
    – 4212: gen 4 – Cortex A9 |2 cores| 12 minor version
    – 4412: gen 4 – Cortex A9 |4 cores| 12 minor version
    – 5210: gen 5 – Cortex A15 |2 cores| 10 minor version

    The 5210 is a dual core with the Mali T604. It is better than a 4412. The GPU includes GPGPU capacity and OpenGL ES 3.0 functions.

    • Droidmatters

      Thanks! J’ai fait le changement. *Zack

      • laurentmallet

        ok c’est cool. Dommage que ce ne soit pas le 5250. Hope to see a device with the 5250 exynos (Galaxy Note 2 probably).

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