Samsung Galaxy S II Within (Sprint) cruises through the FCC with 4G WiMax radios

Boy, we really got an overload of Galaxy S II news in the past 24 hours. It was really quiet for a while and all the sudden, all kinds of hints about a SGS2 release came all at once. We reported not too long ago that the Galaxy S II sign-up page was live at the Samsung USA website. And now, we want to let you know that the Samsung Within, Sprint’s variant of the Galaxy S II, has just hit the FCC, under codename SPH-D710, with 4G WiMax Sprint radios. You can definitely see the round-looking camera right in the middle of the back of the phone, which confirms the leaked pictures of the Within, we have gotten from TMN almost two weeks ago (check the pictures above).

This Samsung device is the third Galaxy S II variant that had cruised through the FCC along with the two AT&T ones, the GTI-9100T and the GTI-9103. The August release date for the Samsung beast is looking pretty good right now!

Source FCC
Via Phandroid