Samsung Galaxy S II to hit Verizon on August 12?

The Samsung Galaxy S II is one of the most sought after Android phones in the world, it has been released in many parts of the globe except here in the U.S.. I would not hide that I am also patiently waiting to get my hands on it. One of the only leaks about the SGS2 that has been out so far, is the fact it will have three variants: The Attain (AT&T), The Within (Sprint) and the Function (Verizon).

Analyst Paul Mueller claims that Big Red will be the first U.S. carrier to sell the Galaxy S II, adding that August 12th may the date that we will finally see the Samsung beast. This date coincides with Shin Jong-Kyun “semi-announcement” that their flagship phone will land in the U.S. in August. Let’s hope that it have an LTE radio on it…

Source Examiner
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