Samsung Galaxy S II sales hit 6 million, still not available in the U.S.

The Samsung Galaxy S II might be on the way to shattering sales record of its predecessor, the Galaxy S. According to a report by Digital Versus, Samsung has now sold over 6 million Galaxy S II phones since its official release just 3 months ago.

Not long ago, Samsung announced that they sold more than 3 million Galaxy S II phones in just 55 days. If sales continue the way they are going now, the Galaxy S II will completely shatter the 14 million sales in a year record set by the Galaxy S.

Although the Galaxy S II has been available for a few months and in a number of countries, the device is still not available in the U.S. Our neighbors up north got theirs on July 21, leaving us bitterly jealous. At the moment, the most recent U.S. release date information points at an August launch. The August launch information was provided by Samsung Mobile president Shin Jong-Kyun during the launch event for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Korea.

Congrats to Samsung on the success of the Galaxy S II.

via Digital Versus