Samsung Galaxy S II hits the FCC again with AT&T bands; Tegra 2 instead of Exynos

We have reported in March about the Samsung Galaxy S II cruising through the FCC with AT&T radios and FCC ID GT-I9100 but since then, there was no movement at all from the Korean manufacturer. Samsung has just filed paperwork for another Galaxy S II variant using FCC ID GT-I9103.

The GT-I9103, which runs Tegra 2 instead of Samsung’s own Exynos processor, carries the same 850/1900 MHz radios and WCDMA II, V frequencies needed for AT&T, as the GT-I9100.

We have just reported that Canada’s big 3 are going to carry the Samsung beast in July 14 which lead us to think that the GT-I9103 may be heading up north.

Could the processor swapping have caused Samsung to delay the U.S. release of the Galaxy S II?  What do you guys think?

via PocketNow, GLBenchmark
Source FCC

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