Samsung forced to remove the Galaxy Tab 7.7 from IFA booth? (updated with Samsung’s reaction)

According to AndroidPIT, Samsung has secretly removed sample units of their newly announced Galaxy Tab 7.7, along with all related promotional material, from their IFA booth. Florian Mueller from FOSS Patents suspects that Apple may be behind this sudden decision. Another German website,, claims that Samsung has been sent a letter by Apple today while at the IFA trade show telling them to halt their promotion of the new tablet. If you look at the picture above, you can see a guy on a ladder covering what looks like the Galaxy Tab 7.7 booth and the all its promotional materials. We don’t see any other reason other than Apple pulling one of their patent tricks.

Mr. Mueller thinks that “Apple obtained a new court decision rather than getting into any argument over whether the existing one applies.” He also added that  “German courts can move very quickly with these injunctions. Maybe Apple filed for it in the morning, received the document in the afternoon or today (for such preliminary injunctions, the courts are also available on weekends) and then sent someone to Berlin to serve the document on Samsung”.  We think that we’ll hear about this matter come Monday or during the September 9 hearing in Germany.

Apple is definitely getting desperate at this point. Are they really running out of ideas?

Use innovation to compete, Apple!

Update: FOSS Patents has just translated a recent interview conducted by AndroidPIT with a Samsung spokeswoman:

AndroidPit: People saw that you removed all Galaxy Tabs 7.7 and covered [parts of the tables] with a sheet. What’s the matter with this?

Samsung: We have decided — on a current occasion — to replace the product with our other IFA highlight product, the Galaxy Note, since, as the press reported, we weren’t going to offer the product for sale in Germany anyway, so we want to show our customers the other product — the [Galaxy] Note — more closely.

AndroidPit: Does this have to do with Apple by any chance?

Samsung: On this one I have to ask you for your understanding that I’m not allowed to comment on an ongoing [legal] proceeding.

AndroidPit: So this apparently means you want to focus more on the Galaxy Note and you have therefore taken a decision on short notice to rearrange your exhibits?

Samsung: The Note was going to be our highlight product anyway and since the other product wasn’t going to be sold in Germany at any rate, I believe it’s also better for the consumers here [at the show] and simpler and in the interest of trade show visitors that we really show only those products that are really going to be released in Germany.

And if you speak German, here’s the video of the interview:

via AndroidPit, All about Samsung, FOSS Patents