Samsung: ‘Dear Apple, Here’s a Headstart for the iPhone 7’


With the release of the Galaxy Note 4 upon us, Samsung definitely wants you to know that they’re ahead of Apple in the phablet department. Their latest shot at the Cupertino-based company comes in the form of a billboard ad. In it, you can see a picture in the form of a blueprint of the Note 4 with the S Pen and descriptions of its features (too small to read). It also tells Apple to use the blueprint as a headstart for the iPhone 7 – shots fired.

This is a pretty bold move by Samsung following a slew of mini videos such as the one poking at Apple Geniuses. Competition is definitely a great thing folks. Whether you agree with this ad or not, this is great for us consumers. The Galaxy Note 4 is set to launch on October 17 in the US and this is probably not the last shot Samsung will fire at Apple. 

Do you guys agree with this ad?

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