Samsung and HTC both win mobile device awards from EISA

The European Imaging Sound Association (EISA) has awarded two Android-powered phones with awards in their mobile device category for 2012. Samsung took home the prize for best mobile phone of 2012 with its Galaxy S III and HTC took home the prize for best social media phone of 2012 with its HTC One S.

The EISA is an association composed of 50 special interest magazines from 20 different European countries. Each year they get together and give awards to cool tech products.

Personally, I understand the Galaxy S III winning the best phone award, but the HTC One S winning Social Media phone of the year? Doesn’t every Android phone do social media? If the One S, then why not the One X?

Check out their two videos of the HTC One S and Galaxy S III below.


Samsung Galaxy S III

Source EISA HTC One S | Galaxy S III | via AC