RIM gets desperate, hands out free Blackberry PlayBooks to Android developers

In an effort to stay relevant, RIM is doing whatever it can to have some Android apps running on its BlackBerry platform. The company announced that it would be giving out free BlackBerry PlayBook tablets to Android app developers who register and submit an app to the BlackBerry App World by Monday, February 13, 2012. Android developers who go ahead and get their Android App in BlackBerry’s App World will receive a free 16GB PlayBook.

RIM’s BlackBerry Playbook launched back in April of 2011 for $499. After low sales, the company reduced the price of the tablet to $300 at many outlets in September 2011. The price of the tablet was further reduced to $199 in November of 2011 after sales continued to disappoint.

So, if you’re an Android app developer that would like to help RIM out by porting your app over to their slowly-dying OS for a free BlackBerry PlayBook, head over to RIM’s Inside BlackBerry Developer’s Blog for more information.

Source: @ASaunders | Blackberry