Report: Google is in talks to purchase Hulu

According to a report by the Los Angeles Times, Google is participating in preliminary talks to buy Hulu, the popular video streaming site that just made its way to the Android platform. Google isn’t the only company trying to get their hands on Hulu; Microsoft and Yahoo are also meeting up with Hulu execs. Hulu is a big deal, and the major players know it. Almost everyone I know has heard of Hulu and other movie/TV streaming services such as Netflix. People are ditching traditional TV and opting for these online services because of the convenience and flexibility that they offer.

Google is trying to mix it up a bit. Yes, there’s Youtube, but we all know that Youtube doesn’t offer much professionally created content. Most of the things on there are user generated. Google is looking to attract those who flock to online video sites to watch their favorite TV shows and movies. What would this mean for Android users if Google purchased Hulu? We can all hope and dream, but one thing’s that for sure is that if this purchase goes down, Hulu will be getting a lot love.

Read: Los Angeles Times – Google Inc. in preliminary talks to buy Hulu

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