Report: Android Market now has 400,000 apps and close to 100,000 developers

According to a new report by Distimo, a company that provides app store market data to developers, carriers, and manufacturers, Google’s Android Market now has over 400,000 apps available for consumers to enjoy. That 400,000 figure is the total number of active applications worldwide. The new milestone was achieved just 4 months after the the 300,000 milestone.

Distimo attributes the growth of the Android Market to free applications. About 2/3 of the apps in the market ar free. The percentage of free applications has steadily increased from 60% to 68% since April 2011 when the market had 200,000 apps. The rise in free applications is due to the success of the freemium business model, which enables developers to offer apps free of charge by placing ads in the app.

In addition to the 400k milestone, the Android Market is closing in on 100,000 active developers. The average number of apps by developers has decreased from 5 to 4.1 in a year.

To all the hard-working developers out there, thank you!

Source: Distimo, via The Next Web