Pushbullet latest update brings channels, cross-platform notifications from all things you follow


The folks at Pushbullet are pushing a new update to their Android app today. In case, you never heard of them, Pushbullet is an app that allows you follow your favorites news and get notified every time something new is posted. The notifications will hit your phones, PCs and tablets at the same time. You can create your own channels or follow the ones that are already there such as the Droid Matters one – you do need to submit them to channels@pushbullet.com via the PC app to see if they can share them with followers.


Guys this is an awesome program if you ask me. It beats any RSS feed reader out there in my opinion. I used Feedly for a very long time and although it has it is polished and stuff, Pushbullet beats it hands down. I love getting notified on-the-fly in case there is a new product announcement, a Football player transfer/injury, breaking news, stocks and more. It is worth noting that you also get notifications on your desktop when receive calls, emails and texts.

If you’re like me and like to stay up-to-date with things you care about, you should definitely give Pushbullet a try. Hit the link below to find out more.

via Pushbullet Blog | Play Store