PSA: Google Music only lets you deauthorize up to 4 devices per year

If you’re a Google Music user who likes to flash custom ROMS on your Android device, you might want to be careful the next time you deauthorize a device from your Google Music account. According to new reports, Google now only allows a maximum of 4 devices to be deauthorized each year. Some users on XDA Developers have recently started to complain about no longer being able to deauthorize devices. According to one user, the new rule by Google must’ve been implemented within the last 60 days because this was not a problem back then.

For the average user, this won’t be a problem at all. For users who like to flash custom ROMS on their device, this becomes a problem because when a device is wiped and flashed with a new ROM, a new device ID is generated, which creates duplicates of the device in Google Music.

While some people might not agree with this move, I think it’s perfectly fair. Without this device deauthorization limit, what would stop users from sharing accounts and downloading tracks from each other?

Let us know if you’re going to be affected by this or if you already have by dropping a comment below.

Source: XDA Developers | Google Music | via The Verge