PSA: Best Buy will carry the Moto 360 tomorrow according to flyer (update: sold out)


Are you still in the hunt for a Moto 360? Or is Motorola messing up your orders? According to Best Buy’s newspaper flyer for tomorrow, you may be able to score one. In the ad, you can see that both the black (SKU: 8307152) and gray (SKU: 8307143) will be on sale.

The Moto 360 is currently sold out at and Google Play. It is a hot product right now and the demand is still going strong in spite of the conflicting reports about its battery life.


I was able to get my hands on one yesterday at my local Best Buy. It took about an hour to charge (from 38%), and I have been using it since 9pm EST. It is down to 22% right now. So it has been going for 17 hours straight (ambient light is off) on the first charge. Definitely not bad experience at all.

Best buy is known for updating their website around 2AM EST. I suggest you keep an eye on it or simply head to your local store tomorrow. You can also use this tool which refreshes every minute to check the stocks of Google Play, Motorola and Best Buy.

Update: Both core are now available. Go go go!

Best Buy: Moto 360

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  • Andrew

    Just got one this morning from the Best Buy website! I can’t wait for it to come next week.

    • Gary

      I just checked my Houston area Bestbuy website, it has not been updated yet.

  • My local Best Buy (Emeryville) claimed to have them in stock last week. Website said they did, I called and verified. Once I arrived they said there hasn’t been a single unit arrive and I’m not the only one fooled. Be careful about BestBuy’s website saying they’re in stock locally.

    • Louie

      I got the same B.S. From them at that same store. I think there doing it on purpose just to have come in and buy other crap you don’t want.

  • Techway J

    got mine on friday…the store said they only got 3 tho..all black I bought one of them.

  • KJ

    on sale on the best buy website right now.. hurry!

  • guestcritic

    An observation for you: you say “since 9pm EST”, but you really mean 9 pm EDT. The US is on Daylight Savings Time in September.

    For start and stop times of events, this can be confusing to your reader. You can simply say ET (for Eastern Time) if you prefer and let the reader figure out if if standard or daylight time applies based on the date.

    Thanks for the article,

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