Ooops! RIM uses an Android device in the promo for their new BlackBerry 7 OS

Really, RIM? An Android device in your promo video? C'mon Son!

Things aren’t looking so good for RIM. Ever since Android and iOS came into the picture, their market share has done nothing but quickly climb downhill. In an effort to promote their newest phone, the BlackBerry Torch, and their newest OS, Blackberry OS 7, RIM put together this cute little video showing the world how great the new OS and phones are. Wait, that’s not all. In this nice little promo video, they prominently show someone using an Android phone, an HTC Android phone. You can check out the video below. Pay attention to the 15 and 27 parts of the video.

This is even worst than the HP Touchpad running on Honeycomb. That mistake was Best Buy’s; this on is clearly RIMS.

After realizing their blunder, RIM pulled the video, but not before the interwebs got their hands on it. I don’t know how this one got past the production team, but it did, and that doesn’t help RIM at all.

Via Engadget