OnePlus starts objectifying “ladies” only invite contest, then takes it down


Since the announcement of the OnePlus One phone, the company behind it, OnePlus, received a lot of heat from the Android community. That is because they decided to put an invite system in place along with some ridiculous contests for those wishing to purchase their phone. Availability wasn’t great in the beginning. But as time went by, invites started trickling in and folks were able to buy the OnePlus One.


Today, the Chinese startup’s marketing campaign took a turn for the weird. They started a new invite contest dubbed “Ladies First.” To win an invite, ladies will have to post a picture of themselves showing the OnePlus logo. Wait, what?  Not only this is crazy but disrespectful to all of us. This is what they said: “the 50 most well-liked ladies will receive an invite and a Never Settle t-shirt.” This did not sit well with some of their forum members and one them posted the picture above.


During the writing of this post, we found out that OnePlus decided to take down the contest.  In reaction to this snafu, CyanogenMod, OnePlus’ software partner, tweeted that they “value all of their users and do not support any contest that objectifies people.” OnePlus has yet to issue an official statement. What do you guys think?

via Google+, @CyanogenInc