OnePlus to start taking pre-orders for the One in late October


You can ask any OnePlus One owner about how they feel about the invite system, they’ll tell you that it was not a fun experience. Those of you who still waiting for an invite may not need one in next month.

The Chinese phone maker announced today that they will open a pre-order system in late October. They added that ‘during a limited time window, you will be able to place an order for the OnePlus One.’ They will ship you a phone right away if they have in stock. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait just like any pre-order. If you happen to get an invite while waiting for your pre-order, you will get bumped on top of the waiting queue. OnePlus advises you to set your address and personal info in advance to avoid any issues during checkout

During a limited time window, you will be able to place an order for the OnePlus One. If we have the items in stock, we’ll ship immediately. If we don’t, it will automatically become a pre-order. No matter what, we’ll always tell you our best approximation for when it will ship before you submit the payment authorization (we’ll reserve the payment and charge you when we ship).
There’s a time limit, but no limit on the amount of orders that can be made. If we get a lot of pre-orders, we’ll simply show you a longer shipping estimation date. Any time after the pre-order time window closes, you’ll be able to forfeit your place in line, cancel the order, and release the payment reserve if you don’t wish to wait any longer. If you receive an invite while waiting for a pre-order to ship, you can apply it to skip the pre-order queue and have your order shipped immediately.

If you ask me if this phone is worth the $350, I will tell you that it is worth every penny. And If you need some help deciding, you can read my review. In case Google is not announcing the Nexus 6 (Shamu) this year, this phone is the closest thing to a Nexus device.

via OnePlus Blog